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MASTERstylist 150 | Brushing Machine

General mode of functioning

The MASTERstylist150 is a standalone machine that can be integrated into virtually any existing system.

The MASTERstylist150 is installed in fresh concrete areas and works synchronously with the corresponding production machines. Two separate structure brushes work at right angles to the direction of conveyance, ensuring unique brushing patterns.

Custom brushing programs can be stored in a recipe database for instant retrieval.

General Data

Machine drawing MASTERstylist150, Brushing machine
Finish RAL 7035, RAL 7016, RAL 3020
Total weight 2.900 kg

Technical Specifications

Length/width/height 4.400/2.400/3.200 mm
Board format – length/width 1.400/1.100 mm
Product height max. 400 mm
y-axis travel 2.650 mm
y-axis drive power 3,0 kW
z-axis travel 1.000 mm
z-axis drive power 3,0 kW
Cycle time ca. 14,0 sec.
Brush length 1.500 mm
Brush diameter max. 300 mm
Brush speed max. 900 U/min.
Number of brushes 2
Brush drive power 2 x 3,0 kW
Controller Siemens s7/300
Total drive power 12 kW
Connected voltage 400 V

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