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    • MASTERcare 150Pallet stacks are loaded with a forklift. The pallets are then conveyed to the pallet handling area automatically by a chain conveyor.
    • MASTERtruck 100The MASTERtruck100 is a completely new product developed and patented by SCHILCHER Maschinenbau GmbH.
    • MASTERlayer 120The MASTERlayer120 is a tried-and-tested packaging machine that has been constantly further developed.
    • MASTERstylist 150The MASTERstylist150 is a standalone machine that can be integrated into virtually any existing system.
    • MASTERboard 110The MASTERboard110 tilts off defective products in layers. The MASTERboard110's pivot point is located outside the conveyor system, thus guaranteeing that products are tilted off neatly.
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MASTERtruck 100 | Rack-and-pinion transport system

General operation sequence

The MASTERtruck100 is a completely new product developed and patented by SCHILCHER Maschinenbau GmbH.
The system stands out due to the fact that it is a special "continuous heavy-load rack-and-pinion" conveying system
that is available in practically any length and that is virtually maintenance-free.

Pallets can be loaded with the MASTERcare 150 pallet loader or manually, for example. After this, the MASTERtruck100 automatically conveys
all types of pallets to and feeds them into the relevant product handling area in exactly the right position.

The loaded pallets can then be packaged and buffered directly on the conveyor system in regular cycles. Packages can be unloaded from the MASTERtruck100 either automatically or with a forklift.

The MASTERtruck100 is a standalone machine that can be combined with any number of machines.

General Data

Machine drawing MASTERtruck100, Rack-and-pinion transport system
Finish RAL 7035, RAL 7016, RAL 3020
Total weight 15.000 kg

Technical Specifications

Length/width/height ca. 42.000/1.200/800 mm
Weight/pallet max. 1.600 kg
Length of transport 24 Stellplätze ( Stellplatz zu Stellplatz 1.750 mm )
Pallet types/length x width 1.200x800/1.200x900/1.200x1.000
Transport speed ca. 10m/min
Positioning mittels Wegabnehmer
Drive power 2 x 3,0 kW
Gear drive Modul 6
Guide rollers Polyamidrollen, zweifach kugelgelagert
Lubrication Zentral-Ölschmierung
Controller Siemens
Total drive power 6,0 kW
Connected voltage 400 V

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