• Concrete Industry
    • MASTERcare 150Pallet stacks are loaded with a forklift. The pallets are then conveyed to the pallet handling area automatically by a chain conveyor.
    • MASTERtruck 100The MASTERtruck100 is a completely new product developed and patented by SCHILCHER Maschinenbau GmbH.
    • MASTERlayer 120The MASTERlayer120 is a tried-and-tested packaging machine that has been constantly further developed.
    • MASTERstylist 150The MASTERstylist150 is a standalone machine that can be integrated into virtually any existing system.
    • MASTERboard 110The MASTERboard110 tilts off defective products in layers. The MASTERboard110's pivot point is located outside the conveyor system, thus guaranteeing that products are tilted off neatly.
  • Wood Industry
  • Turnkey Projects
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Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects for the Concrete & Timber Industries and the Stones & Ceramics Industries


Schilcher Maschinenbau GmbH is specialised in the implementation of production facilities for both the concrete & timber industries and the stones & ceramics industries. Our range of services extends from planning all the way to completion and commissioning.

Schilcher Maschinenbau GmbH will continue to provide continuous support even after commissioning. Streamlining, cost-effectiveness, and the use of new technologies are some of the most important tasks involved. Know-how is of essential importance not only for new plant buildings, but also for expansions. The goals involved in plant annexes and conversions are: increasing
productivity and improving cost-effectiveness.

Our team of experts will gladly take over project-planning activities for you and take care of setting up the necessary environment and conditions. We will provide a team of experts to assist you with technology-based and multiple-technology projects.
Our Klagenfurt/Carinthia-based team of experts has over 15 years of experience in the industry, as well as extensive know-how.


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